Submit Your Holiday Gift Ideas to the AT Blog Carnival

Assistive Technology Blog Carnival is a blog hosted by educator and AT specialist, Lon Thornburg, and he’s asking you to submit ideas, reviews, and stories about your favorite tech gadgets. The goal is to post a “carnival” of ideas for people to use this coming holiday season.

Children with cerebral palsy or other special needs often benefit from assistive technologies – technologies that facilitate learning, mobility, and enjoyment of life. Assistive technologies include gadgets ranging from video games and specialized computers to movement and speech tools.

If you’re a parent of a special needs child and you have thoughts to share about a particular AT item, post a submission by December 12th. Low-cost or inexpensive suggestions might be especially useful for those experiencing financial hardship.

For those looking for gift ideas, suggestions for the holiday AT Blog Carnival will be posted on December 15th.


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