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Burke & Eisner has been involved with many personal injury cases – involving both birth injury and medical malpractice matters – in states around the country. We specifically focus on representing clients in the following areas:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability

The medical malpractice cases Burke & Eisner is involved with have primarily been related to Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy and other brain injury cases, but also include misdiagnosis of cancer (colon, cervical, and breast), surgical mistakes, misdiagnosed Heart Attacks and failure to diagnose pulmonary embolisms.

Selected Cases

Burke & Eisner represents clients all over the country.  Examples of our cases are:

Cerebral Palsy – Pennsylvania

This case resulted from a placental abruption.  Hospital failed to accurately diagnose the placental abruption following a traumatic car accident.

Cerebral Palsy — Michigan
A delay in the delivery time resulted in a lack of oxygen causing brain injury.

Fetal Distress – Kentucky, New York, (Baltimore, Maryland), New Jersey
Failure to recognize fetal distress in the child led to birth injury and Cerebral Palsy. We have been involved in several cases such as this in many states.  

Group b Strep
In this case the hospital failed to treat the mother for Group b Strep resulting in injury to the child.

Fetal Distress and Lack of Oxygen — California
In this case the child now has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy because of a significant delay in recognizing the baby’s distress during labor.

Twin delivery Asphyxiation/Cerebral Palsy – South Carolina
Asphyxiation, low/no heart rate (had to be resuscitated by pediatricians).  Child spent the next 18 days in ICU and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  This child was the second twin and the delivery was, by C-Section but was delayed 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Early Onset of Labor and delayed emergency C-Section — Florida
Failure to recognize early onset labor.  Mother was sent home and child was then born prematurely via emergency C-Section.

Erb’s Palsy — Georgia
Erb’s Palsy case involving and failure to manage a labor properly resulting in brachial plexus injury and erb’s palsy.

Delayed Delivery – North Carolina
This case involved a wonderful family whose labor was delayed resulting in lack of oxygen, brain injury and cerebral palsy.

Brain Injury – New Hampshire
Failure to manage labor and pregnancy resulting in brain injury.

Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer – New Hampshire
Misreading of a mammogram resulted in telltale signs of breast cancer being missed.  The actual breast cancer diagnosis came later after another mammogram, but the delay caused the patient to miss critical treatment time.

Misdiagnosis of Lung Cancer – Louisiana
This was a situation where the radiologist missed the signs in a x-ray that lung cancer was present.  The delay in actually diagnosing the lung cancer and starting treatment significantly altered the man’s chances for survival.