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Medical Negligence in Birth of Octuplets?

Fertility experts, bioethicists and medical attorneys are speaking out against the doctors responsible for the octuplets recently born to a single woman in her 30s – One expert called it a “medical catastrophe” and another referred to it as professionally negligent. The problem for medical and legal specialists is the inherent risk involved in carrying […]

Two Million Dollar Malpractice Verdict
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Comments Off on Two Million Dollar Malpractice Verdict

In Rhode Island, a Warwick man has received a $2 million verdict from a Superior Court jury. Richard Barrett brought suit against Rhode Island Hospital and Dr. William Feng claiming that he did not receive proper care during his open heart surgery in 1998. Richard Barrett said in his lawsuit against the hospital and Dr. […]

Air Force Settles – $5,000,000

In 2004 William Duckworth was working as a civilian employee at Kadena Air Base in Japan.  His daughter Aubrey was born at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Okinawa in September of 2004. Because her mother’s uterus ruptured during birth Aubrey was not  receiving oxygen and, as a result, is severely disabled.  She must be fed […]

$2.5 Million Illinois Erb’s Palsy Verdict
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In Illinois a two million plus dollar award was given to a four year old by a Lake County jury.   His permanent disability was caused when the doctor pulled too hard on the baby’s neck during delivery.  As a result the boy suffered severe nerve damage.    He has had two surgeries so far and several physical […]

SOL for Minors Upheld
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The Oregon Supreme Court has upheld a five-year statute of limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits involving minors. Kelly Christiansen had filed suit against the Providence Health System because it was alleged that their doctor did not recognize fetal distress and perform an emergency c-section. Her son had been diagnosed with various developmental disorders and partial […]

No Cap — No More

A judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has struck down the cap on monetary awards in a medical malpractice case. Superior Court Judge Marvin Arrington wrote that the cap was unconstitutional because it allowed protection to the medical profession that was not allowed to other defendants such as manufacturers of defective products. "It is absurd to […]

Pharmacy Mistakes: Overworked Pharmacists?

Month’s earlier the pharmacist had asked for more staff.  Why?  To "decrease the pharmacist’s stress" When Tabitha Jones picked up her stepson’s medicine at a Walgreens store near Nashville in 2004, she had no way to know the pharmacy was so busy that its manager had asked for more staffing months earlier to "decrease the […]

This is just not right. Mistakes like this should not be made

You just can’t let this happen.  The hospital should have systems in place to protect against this.  The emotional trauma is extreme and heartwrenching. Here’s the story. BY BRYON OKADA FORT WORTH — A Johnson County couple filed a lawsuit Tuesday afternoon alleging negligence and gross negligence against Huguley Memorial Medical Center of Fort Worth […]

Emergency Room Wait times increasing

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.  Does it seem like it takes forever when you go to an emergency room?  You may actually be on to something there.  A study released recently shows that emergency room wait times are increasing. Emergency room wait times across the country increased 36 percent between 1997 and 2004, according to a […]

Profit or Charity. Virginia is deciding

The Virginia supreme court recently heard arguments about whether physician foundations could get immunity from medical malpractice lawsuits because of their charity work. The state Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday that pitted the rights of patients injured by negligence against the medical community’s need to preserve its financial well-being in the face of growing indigent-care […]