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Risk factors in Preterm Babies leading to Cerebral Palsy

I just read this study that shows some of the risk factors that relat to Cerebral Palsy. The study particularly is focuses on medium and Late Pre term babies. These are the children born in weeks 32-33 for Medium and 34-36 for Late preterm.

Five particular events were found to predict cerebral palsy. This doesnt mean that these five always lead to CP only that it increases the risk.

  1. Rescucitation at Birth
  2. Antibiotic treatment during a prior hospitalization
  3. Small for Gestational Age
  4. 1 minute Apgar Score <7
  5. Intracranial hemorrhage

If you are interested in teh study you can look at it here.


So how do you know if a child has cerebral palsy?  How is that diagnosis reached?

    Generally you look for abnormal observations and abnormal imaging results.

    Are you noticing trouble walking, gripping or talking?  If so then start asking around and doing some more in depth research.  Talk to your pediatrician.

Here’s an article about spastic cerebral palsy and one family’s story about getting a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. — The article is at the "Cerebral Palsy Symptoms" Blog

Back in 2005 I posted about the common symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Diagnosing Cerebral Palsy


How do you diagnose Cerebral Palsy